About Prescott Media Center

Prescott area’s own local PEG Channel

Our channel is available on Channel 64 for Cable One subscribers in Prescott, through streaming on our website, and on demand with our YouTube channel or VOD. We are here to provide you with educational programming, local government programming, and the equipment and training to make your own programs for cable television. We also accept pre-produced, non-copyrighted material from community members. Please see our terms and conditions of cablecasting on this site to make sure your program meets the criteria.

Prescott Media Center is a 501(c)(3) non-profit which contracts with The City of Prescott to provide coverage of City of Prescott government meetings, forums and other local events, as well as provide the public with the resources to produce non-commercial television programs.

Our funding comes from: 

  • A percentage of the cable franchise fee
  • Memberships
  • Video bulletin board
  • Underwriting
  • Donations from viewers like you

Prescott Media Center airs public, educational, and government programming in the Prescott cable franchise area.

Meet Our Team

The most critical component of any successful production is a highly qualified and committed team. 
Everyone on our team draws from a strong, balanced blend of industry and technical experience, as well as education.

We will work and guide you to a professional production.

Robert Milligan

Robert Milligan

General Manager

Robert has years of experience as a videographer, director, producer, and manager. Robert’s focus is to use his ingenuity to improve community involvement and strengthen our educational mission with collaborative programs and internships with the colleges. His work is motivated by the community’s wants and needs.

Emma Heim

Emma Heim

Master Control / Production Technician

Emma ensures that the cablecast scheduling runs without a hitch. Emma also films and edits for studio and field productions, lending her efficiency and creativity. She covers the government meetings, generates the public, educational, and government weekly schedules to media outlets, and keeps our YouTube channel and website up to date. 

Jim Adams

Jim Adams

Senior Production Technician

Jim provides expertise in video and audio production; he directs, films, and edits in-studio and field productions. Jim’s technical experience and state-of-the-art knowledge bring inspiration and valuable training to our members and the public. He also provides electronic and digital communications research and support in this ever-changing field.

Linda Knudson

Linda Knudson

Office Manager

Linda brings administrative support to the staff and board of directors. She handles bookkeeping and financial reporting, customer service, membership management, business licensure, and maintenance of office files. She also assists with the Video Bulletin Board, scheduling, equipment reservations, dub requests, calendars, and correspondence.


John Krizek

Chairman, Board of Directors
Retired Public Relations Executive

John retired to Prescott after a 40-year career in public relations based mostly in California.  He brings experience in documentary film production and an extensive background in nonprofit leadership involving historical and musical organizations.

Board Member

Doug Keller

Board of Directors
Active member of Veteran Service Organizations

Doug moved to Prescott after a long career as a performer in Las Vegas with lots of experience in writing and performing radio and television commercials. He has served our country, been inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, and managed a large nightclub. He is now performing once again in Prescott while working with Veteran Service Organizations and participating on our Board of Directors.

Board Member

Robert Milligan

Member, Board of Directors
General Manager at PMC

Robert is an Arizona native and has many years of experience as a videographer, director, manager, and producer. Productions include filming sports, community events and television shows.  Robert’s focus is to improve community involvement with outreach and workshops, and to strengthen our educational mission with collaborative programs and internships, all motivated by the community’s wants and needs.

City Representative

Steve Sischka

Representative to the Board
Prescott City Council Member

Steve is our representative from the Prescott City Council, a retail businessman and long term resident of Prescott.  His presence at our board meetings brings strength and insight to our relationship with the City.  In addition, Councilman Sischka views community service as an important way to make a positive difference in the city he loves and has given much of his time to local organizations and the arts.

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