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Low Cost Television Exposure

Underwriting programming on PMC is an incredible deal! You can pay in advance or monthly installments. To learn more, contact our office at (928) 445-0909. Support your community access center while boosting your business’s local television exposure at an unbeatable price!

We offer a limited number of underwriting openings, so the time to act is now.

Underwrite a Program

This is a great opportunity to get your business in front of our viewers.

Benefit from a tax deductible donation, support your community, and promote your local business all in one fell swoop! Our friendly, professional staff will work with you to create a spot that fits your needs, or you may choose to provide us with something pre-produced. All sponsors will receive a report at the end of each month that lists day, date, and number of times your spots aired. Payments can be made in full, monthly installments, or payment plans.
Get a 15-second to 1 minute Underwriting Video
When you underwrite programming produced by Prescott Media Center, you will receive a 15-second to 1 minute underwriting video, including your company name, location, telephone number, and a market phrase if you wish. However, the underwriting video may not include any direct appeal to viewers for the sale of goods or services. 
Not only will you be supporting your community media center, but your business will also receive exposure at an incredibly low cost!
Underwriter Levels
Government Shows
(apprx. 80 times/month)
Time Annual Rates
Roughrider 60 seconds $3,000
Scout 30 seconds $1,650
Pioneer 15 seconds $825


Run of Schedule
(all 30 second spots)
Rates Frequency
Roughrider $3,000 25 times / week
100 times / month
Scout $2,400 20 times / week
80 times / month
Pioneer $1,800 15 times / week
60 times / month
Ranger $1,200 10 times / week
40 times / month
Settler $600 5 times / week
20 times / month

Looking to promote your event?

Use our Video Bulletin Board

As a service to local organizations and individuals, Prescott Media Center regularly airs a community bulletin board. Subscribers can see their page(s) on the Video Bulletin Board during scheduled time-slots and between programs.


Video Bulletin Board Rate Card

  • $25.00 Monthly
  • $60.00 Quarterly
  • $150.00 Annually
Video Bulletin Board Specs

Page Format

The Video Bulletin Board is used daily by many individuals, organizations and service clubs throughout the greater Prescott area. Our staff creates eye-catching pages that have proven to be effective for subscribers. We can also utilize artwork, logos and pre-designed pages provided by subscribers via e-mail. The preferred format for such submissions is a JPEG file, but we can also use GIF, TIFF, or Bitmap (BMP). Various backgrounds, colors, and font styles can also be incorporated in a subscriber’s page.

Copy Information

We require that copy information be submitted at least one week before your page is to first appear on Prescott Media Center. Copy may be changed as frequently as every week. Please limit your copy information to 25 words or less to ensure the effectiveness of each page. Each page has a pause time of 23 seconds.


Subscribers may expect to see their page(s) on the Video Bulletin Board between video programming and in scheduled timeslots.

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We rely on community assistance to provide our programming and greatly appreciate your contribution!
Show your support for PMC by making a tax deductible donation.

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