Hello from Prescott Media Center!

This is PMC’s first blog post.


Since this is PMC’s first blog post, I feel that we should tell you why we created a blog.

1. Keep our community updated on anything new that is happening at the media center.

2. Post about our shoots, equipment, etc.

3. Let our members write about their experiences creating programming for our station.


We hope that the community of Prescott and the surrounding quad cities will take advantage of this new facet of our website.

PMC's First Blog

Located in the Grace Sparks Recreation Center (the old armory), we can be found on the second floor above the gymnasium. 

Now, let us introduce ourselves!

Robert Milligan

Robert Milligan

General Manager

Robert has years of experience as a videographer, director, and manager. Robert’s focus is to improve community involvement. He wants to strengthen our educational mission with collaborative programs and internships with the colleges. When he’s not working, which is rare, Rob enjoys bowling, watching movies, and drinking milkshakes from Denny’s, in that order.

Emma Heim

Emma Heim

Master Control / Production Technician

Emma ensures that the cablecast scheduling runs without a hitch. Emma also films and edits studio and field productions, lending her efficiency, creativity, and fresh perspectives. Another facet of her job is keeping our YouTube channel and website up to date. Emma enjoys being an 80-year-old stuck in a young body, cuddling with her dogs, acting, hiking, and reading.

Jim Adams

Jim Adams

Senior Production Technician

Jim directs, films, and edits in studio and field productions. Jim’s technical experience and state-of-the-art knowledge bring inspiration, quality production, and valuable training to our members and the public. He also provides electronic and digital communications research and support in this ever-changing field. Jim enjoys music, movies, and slug bugs — no slug backs.

Linda Knudson

Linda Knudson

Office Manager

Linda handles bookkeeping and financial reporting, customer service, membership management, business licensure, and maintenance of office files. She also assists with the Video Bulletin Board, scheduling, equipment reservations, dub requests, calendars, and correspondence. Linda also goes by jeeplady, mountain woman, and pain-in-the-butt office manager.


What We Do

Prescott Media Center (PMC or PCAC Inc.) provides the public with multimedia services using state of the art technology in a user-friendly environment. PMC is a 501-(c)(3) nonprofit organization servicing the Prescott area since 1986. As a PEG station, our programming focuses on the public, education, and government.

We are a membership driven organization serving the public in four ways:

1. Provide our members with production equipment, facilities, and technical training to create their own content.
2. Air the city meetings (Council, Budget, Preservation, etc.) live, and archive them on our video on demand. 
3. Produce unique local programming, film community forums, and cover local events that can only be found through the Prescott Media Center on one or more of our platforms.
4. Create other projects — such as promotional videos — for clients to use for their own marketing purposes.*

Our organization provides multiple media outlets to the public which include: cable television, video on demand, YouTube, and streaming so that members may share their productions with the public. Members and volunteers learn about videography, editing, directing, and production of program content in compliance with the terms and conditions of cable casting.

Last, but not least, we provide a video bulletin board to the public. Slides run each day on our station. They show upcoming events or any information community members want to share.

*Due to our status as a nonprofit PEG station, in order for content to air on our station, it cannot contain a call-to-action.

Prescott Media Center

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This has been Prescott Media Center’s first blog post!

We hope you enjoyed it.
“PMC’s First Blog” is the first of many, so keep coming back for more!

PMC's First Blog Post

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