We are always looking for new programming.

We currently air 29 different television shows, not including our filler and government programming. Our “filler” is made up of old movies and popular access station shows such as Road to Recovery and Wildlife Views. We also air all local government meetings.

Here is a list of the current shows that air on Channel 64:

  • Religious programming: American Lutheran Hour, Behold the Real Jesus, First Lutheran Church Mission, Grace and Truth Ministries, The Key to the Kingdom, Tomorrow’s World, and Word of Truth.
  • Spiritual programming: Eckankar, Meeting with Eli, Meeting with Gangaji, and That Which Is.
  • Motivational/Educational programming: That’s Life with John Carver, John Carver Presents, Citizen’s Water Advocacy Group, Medical Spotlight, MAT Force, and Yavapai College Board Meetings.
  • News programming: Democracy Now!
  • Talk Show programming: County Wide, Hot Topics, Prescott Today, Senior Moments, Sunrise Lions Club, and Talkin PV.
  • Music and Art programming: My Life in Art, Northwest Songwriters, Prescott Audubon Society, Wine 101, and Yavapai College Concert Series.

Along with regular weekly and monthly programming, we also film and air local events such as parades, the courthouse lighting, and town halls.

Many of the shows on Channel 64 are created by members. They are sent to us as a DVD or a file through Google Drive. Other shows are created by the staff here at PMC alongside members. Examples of these shows are Prescott Today and Senior Moments.
We would love to work with more members to create new and interesting content together.

Our staff loves to have a good time on set.

When you become a member with Prescott Media Center, you get a training workshop on our cameras and editing software. Once trained, you are allowed to check out our equipment and create whatever your heart desires. If you want our help with production, we are always happy to help in any way we can.
We can create a television show here in our studio or go out on location. With the natural beauty in the quad cities, there is no shortage of great locations to film.

Below is our official membership packet.
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Membership Packet 4-12-2017