9 Delicious Typical Semarang Foods, Garang Asem to Lumpia

https://prescottmediacenter.org/ – Every region in Indonesia has its own unique specialties, one of which is Semarang’s special food. Apart from spring rolls, the city of Semarang has delicious and popular culinary delights such as garang tamarind, kopyok noodles, and the typical Semarang pecel.

If you travel to Semarang, don’t miss one of these culinary specialties from Semarang.

The reason is, even though these foods can be found in other cities, you can feel the authentic taste if you taste them directly in the city of Semarang.

The following are some of Semarang’s specialties, collected from the book Culinary Tour of Semarang’s Typical Foods by Miftah Sanaji and other sources.

1. Garang tamarind

Garang asem is one of Semarang’s culinary specialties which is very popular in the form of chicken in coconut milk sauce with the addition of chilies and belimbing wuluh.

Previously, the chicken and coconut milk sauce were cooked by putting them in a banana leaf first to add a delicious taste and aroma to the garang tamarind.

This one food can be a friend of rice and is complemented by fried tempeh, chicken innards, and cakes.

2. We are coyotes

The next typical Semarang dish is kopyok noodles which are perfect to enjoy when the weather is cold.

Kopyok noodles are wet noodles that have been doused in hot water. Then given a piece of beef and beef.

3. Chicken rice

Chicken rice is rice filled with shredded chicken, opor and chayote. In addition, usually there are also several other accessories.

Complementary is intestinal satay, offal satay, to young egg satay. The uniqueness of this culinary is that it is served using pincuk banana leaves.

4. Dirty rice

Nasi koyor or also called sego koyor is a dish of white rice topped with pieces of koyor or beef tendons.

Then sprinkled with koyor sauce, cucumber slices, and fried petai.

5. Lumpia Semarang

Lumpia is a typical Semarang culinary dish made from flour dough which is then filled with stuffing and then folded and rolled and fried in hot oil.

The fillings for spring rolls are chicken, garlic, scrambled eggs, dried shrimp, soy sauce, vegetables and bamboo shoots.

6. Tofu dreadlocks

The next recommendation for typical Semarang food is dreadlocked tofu. This Semarang culinary dish is made of fried tofu, vegetables, pieces of rice cake, and prawn bakwan.

Then served with a sauce made from coarsely pounded fried beans. In addition to its delicious taste, this food is filling because there is lontong in it.

7. Tofu petis

Semarang typical tofu has a dense texture so it can be filling. Petis tofu itself is tofu with petis sauce.

The thick, dark black petis sauce becomes the inside or filling of the tofu.

8. Soto Semarang

Unlike most soto, soto Semarang has a clear broth made from free-range chicken broth.

Usually this soup is served with a variety of satay menus, such as shellfish satay, intestines, and quail eggs. In addition to various satay, Semarang soup is also more enjoyable to eat with fried tofu or mendoan.

9. Pecel Semarang

Actually pecel Semarang has similarities with pecel from other regions, namely using vegetables such as kale, bean sprouts, kenikir, and sliced ​​cabbage as vegetables.

However, what is different is the complementary pecel, namely karak crackers and conch satay, which make it even more delicious and filling.

Those are some typical Semarang foods with delicious flavors. Happy culinary tour!