8 Famous Fast Foods in Indonesia, Recognize the Dangers

prescottmediacenter.org – Fast food is often a choice that is often consumed by people in their daily lives, especially for those who have a lot of work. Choosing ready-to-eat food is considered more effective in saving time and energy. Some of the famous fast food in the community are french fries, burgers to pizza.

Even though it saves time, if consumed too often or long term it can have an impact on overall body health. This is because fast food contains little nutrition and fiber. Whereas humans need nutrition and fiber for body development. But unfortunately, things like this seem to be ignored at all, and still many people consume them regularly.

Here is complete information about 8 famous fast food in Indonesia, get to know the dangers

1. Burger

The first famous fast food in Indonesia is burgers. These foods have very little nutritional value, and are loaded with everything that is bad for health. Burgers available in fast food restaurants have also been linked to obesity, heart disease and other health problems. Thus, it is not recommended to eat these foods too often.

2. Fries

The next famous fast food in Indonesia is French fries. These snacks have been around for hundreds of years. However, this one food is still considered bad if people consume it too often.

Basically, any food that is fried using vegetable oil will have a bad impact on health. This is because these foods contain polyunsaturated fats, which produce cancer-free radicals in the body. This also applies to french fries because they tend to contain a cancer-causing chemical called acrylamide.

3. It Crimea

Who doesn’t know ice cream, food made from milk and various other ingredients that are loved by people of all ages, from children to adults. Ice cream is indeed very delicious especially when consumed when the weather is hot.

However, ice cream contains as many calories and sugar as a bottle of soda. This dangerous ice cream means when it is mixed with milk and made into a milkshake. When used as a milkshake, you are said to have consumed around 1,000 calories.

4. Given

Plain donuts don’t contain many calories, and they don’t harm your body. However, nowadays donuts have many flavors and contain a lot of sugar. If you only consume one, maybe it won’t be a problem.

But in reality, the average individual consumes two to three donuts. You need to remember that in a donut that tastes like it contains no nutrition at all, which is sure to make the consumer feel hungry.

5. Pizza

The next famous fast food in Indonesia is pizza. This food is often served mixed with lots of cheese, meat, sauce, and other ingredients, containing 600 calories per slice.

This is because these foods are high in saturated fat, sodium and carbohydrates. Therefore, if consumed too often pizza can have a bad impact on health, the most famous of which often triggers obesity.

6. Fish nuggets

Fish nuggets are often given by parents to their children. This is clearly against the rules, and it is not good if it is given too often let alone in large quantities.

If you want to be healthy, eat really fresh fish meat, and don’t choose fish that has been processed like this. Remember, fish that have been processed on average contain a lot of preservatives, let alone consumed by frying.

7. Hot Dog

This long-sized beef layered bun mixed with a little mayonnaise, chili sauce, and tomato sauce also has ingredients that are not healthy for the body. Hot dogs are directly related to an increased risk of heart disease, cancer and diabetes.

In this case the problem is not the meat in the food, but the high salt and preservatives that are often used. If you really want to eat this fast food, choose organic, low fat and sodium content.

8. Stick to Keju

Next, although cheese is not so harmful to health. But it will be a problem if this cheese has been mixed with bread flour and fried. So, in a cheese stick there is very high fat and sodium, and it is definitely very dangerous for the body.

Therefore it is not recommended to make this ready-to-eat food as a daily snack, especially for children.