5 Viral Food Places whose Queues Are Crazy

prescottmediacenter.org – Every year culinary trends are always varied and new. Throughout, there are several culinary delights that make many people curious. In fact, to be willing to stand in line for hours, you know.

Because of the high enthusiasm of the public, most of these foods are viral on social media. Starting from snacks to heavy meals, here are the list of foods that are viral throughout 2022. Check it out, have you ever tasted any of them!

1. Karen’s Diner

Karen’s Diner recently opened in Jakarta. This Australian burger restaurant is known for its bad service concept. No wonder it had invited the pros and cons of netizens.

Many food influencers and celebrities have reviewed this restaurant. This made many people more curious and eventually crowded with visitors.

Location: Jalan Panglima Polim IX Number 15, Melawai, Kebayoran Baru District, South Jakarta.

Operating hours: Sunday-Thursday 11.00-22.00 WIB, Friday-Saturday 11.00-23.00 WIB.

Price: starting from IDR 50 thousand.

2. Lounge in the Sky

Lounge in the Sky offers the sensation of eating above a height of 50 meters. You can enjoy dinner on a telescopic boom crane made in Europe.

This place to eat also reaped the pros and cons. However, the security and service is very good. The food served is also delicious.

Location: Mangkuluhur City, Jalan Gatot Subroto, Karet Semanggi, Setiabudi District, South Jakarta.

Operating hours: Tuesday-Sunday 16.00-22.00 WIB, Monday closed.

Price: starting from IDR 1.6 million.

3. Gacoan noodles

Mie Gacoan offers a variety of spicy noodle preparations at affordable prices. Equipped with a variety of contemporary fried snacks.

Interestingly, the menu names there are also unique, such as Devil’s Noodles, Genderuwo Ice, Pocong Ice, and others. Its branches have also spread across major cities in Indonesia.

Location: Jalan Tebet Raya Number 35, Tebet Timur, Tebet District, South Jakarta.

Operational hours: 24 hours.

Price: starting from IDR 10 thousand.

4. Risol Margo

Having gone viral on TikTok, Risol Margo is a business owned by a content creator from Tangerang. He often promotes his resolutions through his personal TikTok account.

Interestingly, many were willing to line up in front of Margo’s house before 05.00 WIB. This made his risol sell well.

Location: Jalan Japos Complex, Paninggilan, Ciledug District, Tangerang City, Banten.

Operational hours: every day 05.00-08.00 WIB.

Price: IDR 4,000.

5. Jasmine Grilled Rice JKT48

As the name implies, Nasi Bakar is a business owned by Melati JKT48’s parents. Reportedly he helped develop his family’s culinary business. Because of its popularity, this restaurant has managed to attract the attention of visitors.

Location: Jalan Kramat Jaya Baru H4 Number 14, Johar Baru, Johar Baru District, Central Jakarta.

Operational hours: 18.00-00.00 WIB.

Price: IDR 15 thousand.

Those are some places to eat that are viral throughout 2022. All of the food above looks interesting, right? If you are alone, have you tried any?