15 Food and Beverage Trends Predicted to be Hits in 2023 | Delicious and Healthy!

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Entering the end of 2022, maybe you are curious about the food and drink trends that will appear in 2023. As you already know, there are lots of food and drink trends that have emerged in 2022.

The phenomenon of healthy food and drink also continues to proliferate this year. Starting from oat milk, wheat bread, and other organic foods, many people are starting to pay attention.

However, that does not mean that food and drinks with delicious tastes derived from animal sources, flour and sugar are not being looked at. Call it boba ice cream, various pastries, sandwiches, and others.

Seeing the dominance of food trends that are hits this year, will these trends continue in 2023? Come on, see more about this article!

Prediction of Food and Beverage Trends in 2023

Here are some predictions of food and drink trends that will hit in 2023. Check below, who knows it could be your culinary business idea!

1. Food trend 2023: Salted egg chicken

Current food trends with salted egg sauce or salted eggs have continued to mushroom over the past few years, one of which is salted egg chicken. Even though it has been present for quite a long time on the market, this food is still being invaded by people, especially the people of Indonesia.

Salted egg chicken is also very easy to serve. It is enough to serve chicken which is fried using flour and then served over hot rice and smeared with salted egg sauce, so this one menu immediately looks tempting.

With all its practicality, it is predicted that this food will continue its popularity in 2023. Of course, with the creation of new innovations, this food will continue to enliven the culinary world, especially in Indonesia.

2. Salted egg chips

Unlike the salted egg chicken which is usually served as a main meal, these salted egg chips are a snack that you can eat in your spare time. These salted egg chips are usually made from salmon skin which is fried and then seasoned with salted egg. Offering a delicious and savory taste, it looks like this snack will continue its popularity as one of the food trends in 2023.

3. Ciring

Cireng is a snack that is in great demand by the people of Indonesia. Cireng, which has a crunchy texture on the outside but soft and chewy on the inside, has always attracted the interest of the Indonesian people.

Moreover, served with a sprinkling of chili powder or chili sauce adds to the resulting taste. In addition, cireng is also often created into several new preparations, such as filled cireng to salad seasoning cireng.

4. Churros

This snack from the country of Matador, Spain turns out to be increasingly liked and in demand by the people of Indonesia. Having a crunchy texture on the outside but so soft on the inside makes this food very enjoyable to eat while accompanied by a cup of tea.

In addition, churros are also usually served with a sprinkling of powdered sugar and chocolate sauce which further adds to the sweetness. No wonder this food will re-enter the food trend in 2023.

5. Potato milk

Maybe all this time you only know the choice of vegan milk is between oats, almonds, soy, or just coconut. Well, now you also need to know about potato milk which is being talked about more and more by people.

This milk is made from potato tubers and is one of the plant-based milks which is predicted to become a trend in 2023. The taste of this creamy potato milk is also very suitable to be combined with coffee.

Of course you can make delicious lattes and cappuccinos from this potato milk. Have you ever tried it?

6. Salmon

Another food that is predicted to become popular again in 2023 is salmon. Today more and more people are paying more attention to their food intake, and therefore they are more interested in foods with less protein, sauces and vegetables.

Preserved or smoked salmon is one of the favorite options. Processed smoked salmon added with shallots, cream cheese, and artisanal bread or biscuits can certainly spoil the tongue for those who eat it.

7. Food trend 2023: Yuzu

Yuzu is a typical Japanese orange that looks very much like a lemon. The aroma of this orange is also more fragrant and the taste is more sour. In fact, the content of vitamin C in this yuzu fruit can be up to three times higher than that of lemons, you know.

In addition, Yuzu also has many other health benefits for the body. Starting from preventing cancer, increasing immunity, improving blood flow, to maintaining brain health.

8. Katsu sando

One of the foods that is expected to re-enter the 2023 food trend is katsu sando. This is because there are more and more innovations in making sandwiches that are popular with many people because of their practicality.

Katsu sando is a sandwich made from milk bread typical of Sakura Country, Japan. Besides having a soft texture, this bread has a sweeter taste than ordinary white bread.

The toppings served at this katsu sando include wagyu katsu, eggs, and vegetables. Having this blend, of course, makes the taste of this food delicious and able to shake the tongue. Come on, try it!

9. Cabbage

Brasika or brassica is a plant belonging to the cabbage tribe or Brassicaceae. Indeed, this type of vegetable is known by people as a source of vegetables and seasonings such as cabbage and mustard greens. Apart from that, brasika is also considered a versatile vegetable that is delicious and can last a long time in the fridge, you know.

10. Food trends 2023: Various Indian dishes

It is predicted that various Indian dishes will also become one of the food trends in 2023. Moreover, at this time there are also many who have started to enjoy food or cuisine from India.

Actually Indian food is quite good and varied, and most Indian restaurants have also eschewed things like pav bhaji, momos and other classics. Indian cuisine is rich in spices and strong flavours, from butter chicken to mouth-watering rogan josh.

11. Honey

Public awareness to consume honey is also predicted to continue to increase. Moreover, in 2023 people will be increasingly concerned about the importance of health. Besides having a function as a medicine, honey also has a delicious taste and can add pleasure when taken with warm drinks, such as tea, milk, ginger water, and others.

12. Food trend 2023: Organic food

Millennials and Generation Z are predicted to be increasingly interested in organic foods. One of them is a type of grain food, such as chia seeds, sesame seeds, and quinoa. Team Chef Armstrong from Hybrid Chef in Jupiter, California also said that people will be more focused on cleaner, healthier and hygienic food in 2023.

13. Kombucha

The next food and drink trend that is predicted to be popular in 2023 is kombucha. Kombucha is a fermented tea that has a sharp, sour, vinegar-like taste, yet refreshing.

Even though kombucha tea has actually been consumed in China for more than 2000 years, now you can find this tea menu at your favorite cafes, you know. In addition, kombucha is also believed to have various health benefits. You must try!

14. Mushrooms

Because food trends in 2023 tend to be healthier food and drinks, the use of mushrooms as a food ingredient is also predicted to increase. Moreover, mushrooms can be the best alternative as a substitute for red meat.

In addition, the texture and taste of mushrooms are very similar to meat. Of course, food creations using mushrooms will continue to increase. For example, replacing the burger patty with grilled portobello mushrooms, which are no less juicy and delicious.

15. Food trend 2023: Korean fried chicken

The increasing popularity of Korean culture in the world makes anything Korean sell well, including the food. One of the typical Korean food menus that is predicted to become more popular in 2023 is Korean fried chicken.

If Indonesia has fried chicken with special spices, then Korea also has huraide cikin or fried chicken. The difference is, this Korean fried chicken uses flour and special seasonings to give the chicken a crunch and delicacy.

Apart from that, Korean fried chicken is also known for its chicken meat which is very juicy and tender when eaten. Of the various Korean fried chicken menus, one that is quite popular is the Ban Ban menu.

This menu presents Korean fried chicken covered with a sauce made from sesame oil, soy sauce, garlic, gochujang, gochugaru, and spring onions. If you’ve never tried this Korean fried chicken, then you have to try it right away!